About Us

Wasted Time is a clothing brand based in Salt Lake City, Utah. We are dedicated to inspiring people to pursue their passions and chase their dreams. Our clothing is an extension of those beliefs and a reminder to constantly improve. When you represent our brand, you represent us. Because of this, we only use premium quality materials as we hand make each of our products, one by one. 


We also aim to promote creativity by collaborating with artists and creators to give them a chance to shine. If you are a creator interested in working with us to showcase a design, contact us at contact@wastedtimeofficial.com


Word from the founder:

When I started this company, I had the phrase 'pursue your passion' in the front of my mind. Everyone has something that they are passionate about and the feeling that comes from pursuing it is like nothing else. For me, one of my passions is travel which is something I aim to incorporate into the brand. I want people to be able to own a unique, handmade item of clothing that inspires them to do better, to become something greater. My goal is to create the best possible product so that anyone who wears it is proud to represent Wasted Time. What's your passion? Do you chase it? Or does it always seem out of reach?

Welcome to Wasted Time.

- Cam, Founder/Head of Innovation